Republican National Convention: Then and Now

In 1988, Jeff traveled to cover the Republican National Convention in New Orleans. The nominees were George H.W. Bush for president and Dan Quayle as his running mate. The mania inside was palpable – all the expected pomp and craze associated with a popular candidate’s assent to power.

Just over a mile away, the residents of one of New Orlean’s many ghettos had very different opinions about the policy candidates were expounding. You can watch a clip here:

The 2016 RNC is underway and its interesting to see how the world has changed. Though the Republican party has retained some of its ideology, the atmosphere has turned toxic. The hatred that fuels both sides of the argument disintegrates the very nature of democracy. What will the outcome be? Only time will tell…

Native stories

The history of the native peoples of the plains of North America is mired in deep set tragedy. In the 19th century, as prospectors and pioneers flooded west in droves, seeking fortune in gold and land, indigenous populations were subjected to repeated massacre and territorial encroachment.

Government treaties allocated tribes to reservations, occasionally referred to by native peoples as internment camps. Children were removed from families and all aspects of being Indian were slowly and methodically bred out of younger generations.

The Minnesota territory is home to 11 native tribes; some are relegated to reservations, while others have assimilated into urban centers. Native problems stem from generational trauma incurred from centuries of cultural displacement. And yet, in the face of genocide, the resilience and hope of native peoples carries their hearts forward each day.

We met with and were honored to profile two native leaders who are changing the present narrative. You can check out the work here and here.



Purple Post

Just got back from a trip to Minnesota with our friends and colleagues at Casey Family Programs, where we were privileged to meet two incredible women who have dedicated their lives to securing the welfare and safety of Indian Children both on and off the state’s reservations.

Coincidentally, the morning we flew out and landed in the Twin Cities was the morning the world lost a great, musical soul – Prince Rogers Nelson.

It was a heart-wrenching time to be in Minneapolis as the city paid tribute to its native son.

This was the scene outside First Avenue on Saturday night:

Tribute outside First Avenue

Tribute outside First Avenue


As some of you may know, we love planes. And that may be putting it lightly.

So you can imagine how enthralling it was to be invited to film the Museum of Flight’s restored Boeing 727 on its final flight at the beginning of this month. After 25 years of restoration work, the first Boeing 727 ever built took off from Paine Field in Everett and made a smooth, final landing at Seattle Flight Museum where it will become a permanent fixture.

N7001U spent its entire career flying for United airlines and racked up 64,495 flight hours and flew an estimated three million passengers until it retired in 1991.

Check it out at the Museum of Flight!



Brush, brush, floss

November and December had us on the road, but we did manage to snag a day to shoot for the Mighty Mouth Campaign!

Partnering with physicians, dentists and the lovely folks at Washington Dental Service Foundation, Mighty Mouth helps promote safer dental health practices for kids aged 1 and up.

Kennedy Space Center

Our recent trip to Florida with Casey Family Programs afforded a rare and much coveted visit to the Kennedy Space Center. Jeff was in absolute heaven…


The crown jewel in the space center’s exhibit is the Shuttle Atlantis – one of the first 5 Space Shuttles – which took to the skies in 1985 and subsequently completed 33 missions, orbiting the earth a total of 4,848 times.


Seattle/King County Free Health Clinic

This past weekend we worked with our colleagues at Pacific Public Affairs to produce a short doc shot at the Seattle/King County Free Health Clinic.

The four day volunteer-driven clinic provides a full range of free dental, vision and medical care to under-served and vulnerable populations. Last year the clinic served over 3,400 people and provided over $2.3 million in services.

This film will be an accompanying part of a series of documentaries targeted at legislators to increase reimbursement rates for that segment of the state insured by Apple Health/Medicaid. With the expansion of the Affordable Care Act in 2014 a greater number of the population acquired dental coverage, but dentists have been unable to financially accommodate this new population into their practices.

We heard and witnessed some truly touching, heartfelt stories this weekend. We look forward to sharing them with you…

Main Floor at Seattle King/County Free Health Clinic.

Main Floor at Seattle King/County Free Health Clinic.

And we’re back!

It’s been a long and busy summer!

In June we traveled to Washington D.C. with Casey Family Programs to cover “Shadow Day”.

Shadow Day is the brainchild of California Congresswoman Karen Bass – a 3 day event during which members of Congress host current and former foster youth from across the U.S. in Washington in an effort to help them understand the inner workings of the House of Representatives, learn about the legislative initiatives related to foster care, and share their stories with policy makers.

In the month that followed we had the privilege of catching up with two remarkable young women who shared their personal struggle in overcoming the challenges of growing up in the foster care system.

Movie to come – meanwhile enjoy these snaps!



Some guy's house.

Where it all goes down

Our lovely producer, Katie

Our lovely producer, Katie

Filming in Bellingham

Filming in Bellingham

Amgen Biotech Experience

We recently collaborated with our friends and colleagues at Waggener Edstrom Worldwide to produce another video for the Amgen Foundation about their innovative science education program: Amgen Biotech Experience. This program, for secondary schools, features a hands on molecular biology curriculum that grows students’ love of science.

Check it out!